FEDS pushing local Cops to action!

It was posted online recently that the powers that be have created a list of who they deem “potential terrorists.” No, this is not the same as that supposed rumored list of Janet Reno years ago wherein she described what a cult was. This is an official list by the U.S. Government that was sent to all police stations across the nation so as to keep an eye out for certain types of people.

…It warned of potential terrorism threats from those who: Oppose abortion, are returning veterans, oppose same-sex marriage, oppose restrictions on firearms, oppose lax immigration laws, oppose the policies of President Obama regarding immigration, citizenship, and the expansion of social programs, are suspect of foreign regimes, oppose continuation of free trade agreements, fear Communist regimes, oppose a “one world” government, Bemoan the decline of U.S. stature in the world, and are upset with loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs to China and India, and more. – Posted: September 25, 2009 By Bob Unruh © 2009 WorldNetDaily

Notice that some of those listed have to do with Christian morals and end time prophecy just like similar lists of the past? They target Christians as a problem because they fear us the most! Not because we plan to do as they do with their weapons and such, but because we know what they’re up to, and those in darkness hate it when their plans are sprayed with light for all to see.

Besides the obvious evils like abortion and same sex marriage, they know Christians have always had a problem with such things as this. And sadly, yes, there are some so called Christians out there that like to make real Christians look bad by violently protesting abortion clinics as well as sharing hatred at homosexual parades. So of course this is something they’re going to keep an eye on no matter happens. However, the real quandary for them has to do with them declaring we oppose the one world government. This is of course a misnomer which I believe they plan to use to their advantage so as to target us better. What I mean is, as students of prophecy it’s not so much that we oppose the one world government that gets them upset. What they don’t like is how we are able to preach about their secret plans long before they even knew they would have the ability to do such a thing. Real Christians have been “in the know” on this one for well over 100 years and that gets their blood up!

Truth is, opposing such a thing won’t stop it in the least. But because we understand prophecy, we preach it as coming soon, and they just assume we shut up. Hence, the 501C3 farce that has allowed them to get millions of ill-informed pastors to clam up regarding their plans, especially in regards to how Rome’s involved. So their only choice of action at this stage is to use our truth filled message as a way to have us targeted as a problem. That in itself proves them fearful because without being privy to their top secret plans, they know we know well in advance as to what they’re up to. They fear this with a passion because we are right and they know it. Seriously! None of us were fly’s on the walls of these secret government meetings they’ve been having the last few decades. Yet we have all their plans laid out before us as if on cinemascope thanks to the Lord’s prophetic Word! Sadly, it’s beginning to look more and more like they are the only ones that know we have this inside info down pat. Most of the blind leading the blind out there look at us like we’re nuts when we speak of such things. But praise the Lord, some with eyes that see, who also have good memories, recall as they look back when we the remnant people shared Rome’s evil plans for decades before they themselves had the blueprints on the table. When they do as we preached they would do long ago, this lends credence to our message! That scares them because they know some will listen to what we preach and then spread the word even further. So, keep up the good work brethren! We have them running scared. But not by anything we have done. None of us are prophets. We have God’s Word well within our hearts so as to see that which our Lord prophecied long ago. What these men and women in power don’t realize is, they don’t fear us. It’s our Lord God they fear. It’s His hand that’s moving, not ours!

When you look at that list they sent out to the police stations you see that if you oppose anything Rome is doing via Washington D.C. you are now considered a potential terrorist. Now do you see why they had to follow Hitler’s example and create their own Reichstag disaster on September 11? Without the ability to use the “terrorist law creation card” they would have no law on the books granting them such powers, and no right to enter into your home, ransack your belongings, and jail you for something as ludicrous as opposing same sex marriage, or simply being upset because they gave your job and livelihood away to people overseas. Just like the cop drooling over your car for something as trivial as a taillight out so as to pull you over to make a few bucks for the municipality on your ticket, they pump as many loopholes into their laws so as to have all the freedom in the world to enter your home if they so much as find out you’re a true remnant Christian. Just like they use money as a reason to remove freedoms on the roads, soon the powers that be will figure out a way to make a profit by persecuting Christians.

By the way, all those that signed on to the Ron Paul “revolution” last year. Do you recall how I pointed out in my January 03, 2008 Truth Provided Newsletter that his platform appeared too good to be true, and that it looked to be a way for Rome to find those who would be in agreement with everything he stood for? They did this to find out where the future dissenters would come from once they tightened the noose. His campaign promises looked like a poster card for all those that don’t trust big government! Now, try this… Put his campaign promises up along side this government list of reasons for “potential terrorists” listed in this Newsletter and tell me if you now see what I saw back then. Ron Paul is beginning to look a lot more like a covert fact finder for Roman interests. After all, he did praise the Pope in writing did he not? Praise the Lord for His prophecy, and God given discernment that’s giving us the inside scoop on things like this before they happen. Many of you stayed out of that Ron Paul fact finding mission simply because your Lord warned you of this danger! Pray for those that are on that list right now. They are being watched like hawks.

Did also you notice something strange in that above list? Returning Vets are now considered a problem for some reason! Yes, this does sound strange, but there is a reason for this as well. As some of you may already know, being close to some of the guys in the military as some of you are, these returning soldiers are no doubt upset at what their leaders made them do out there. Because of that fact, some of they’re leaders are scared they’re going to talk. So they ended up on the list. Did you also notice they listed anyone that fears a “Communist regime” as a possible terrorist as well now? Is this wrong now? I thought our grandparents died fighting communism to keep us free long ago. Why would they be concerned for such a thing if in fact they had no plans to swap our government for one that allows the leaders freedom to do whatever they wish, while at the same time strip the people of all their original freedoms? Ok.. I’ll admit that was a dumb question. Because we the remnant people that study prophecy know, in order to enforce the mark of the Roman beast, they will need these unjust laws on the books if this is going to work for them!

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