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I made a video back in 2018 about how the United Nations, Rome and the USA wanted a one world government by the year 2030. (See my NWO page for more info and videos)

The other day I was trying to help someone see the truth on end time events and a few other things in the comment section of someone else’s video on YouTube. As we went back and forth I realized they didn’t know about the 2030 date the United Nations set. And so I went to my YouTube page and typed into the search engine YouTube gives everyone access to on their very own channels. This engine only searches your own videos. This comes in very handy as I have about 582 videos so far (minus the ones they deleted) on YouTube and so using that mini search engine is a must for me.

Problem is… when I typed in “2030” nothing came up. When I typed in “one world government” nothing came up. And so I went to YouTube main engine and did the same thing, and nothing came up. I eventually went to my NWO page where I knew I had the video embedded and played it, clicked the YouTube link and it showed up fine. I sent the link to the precious soul in need and then immediately (within 10 minutes) did a live stream on YouTube showing all that I did on screen so as to prove, YouTube is censoring Christian videos that expose the truth about what’s going on. And so, in the live stream I replayed the video so as to allow more to see it. Because when I first posted it back in 2018 it quickly got up to 20,000+ views and suddenly stopped. And now I know why. If the above player is not working, click here for the live stream I made yesterday.

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