‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ enrages TV viewers

"Can Islamic terrorism be funny? That’s what the writers for “Revolting,” a new BBC satirical comedy show, were thinking when they cooked up a sketch about British women who had become brides of fighters for ISIS, or the Islamic State, and framed it on the “real housewives” reality-TV model that has proved popular in the U.S. It turns out, however, not everyone thinks a six-part series about burqa-clad newlyweds taking selfies and one-upping each other’s suicide belt is a laughing matter." –Source

Remember the 1950's & 60's TV shows? Remember how they made "while lies" appear the norm and no big deal? Don't recall? Visit YouTube and look up the Andy Griffith, My Three Sons, or even Leave it to Beaver shows. What the parents in those shows! Yes, most shows in that era appear wholesome and even Christian quite often. But every now and then you will see someone lying or making it appear ok to lie. Especially if it's considered a "little white lie." You know, like when a phone rings and the one getting up to answer it hears someone shout out, "If that's Johnny on the phone looking for me, tell him I'm not home." Before you knew it, every household in America was giving the ok to lie, cheat and even steal as long as it was regarding the "little things" in life. Like when I saw all those folding bills on my dad's dresser in the morning as a little boy. I only took the change and a few of the singles thinking it was ok since I left the bigger bills behind.

Or do you recall how Rock & Roll got its start? I am not going to get into detail as to what the name "Rock & Roll" means as it is very sinful, but look at Elvis Presley. At first he was shunned by the media from the waist down because of his vulgar dancing. Yes, many thought the media was acting moral when in fact it was a negative advertising ploy to skyrocket him to fame. Eventually the negative advertising worked. He became very popular and suddenly what all the preachers were saying about the dangers of Rock & Roll were totally ignored because the TV sanctioned Elvis to the point of giving him his own movie contracts as well as promoting him as a good looking down home momma's boy who sang Gospel music now and again. And, did you notice? The cameramen never again refused to tape his whole body as he writhed and wriggled on screen. Not long after all sorts of decadence became the norm in America to were the free love era of the 1960's gave birth (literally) to all sorts of new pleasures of the flesh.

Next, and yes I am skipping a few decadent signposts along the way for sake of brevity, but we now had the disco scene that moved hundreds of millions of people into nightclubs to move and gyrate in ways that suggested sinful lusts of the flesh under glowing lights and blaring music. Not long after that we started to see more suggestive dancing to where today, from what I have heard from others, the dancing in the nightclubs now often resembles actual sexual acts in front of everyone! What most refused to do behind closed doors in the 50's most act out in front of drunken crowds today.

Next, we had the homosexuals pushing their decadence into the limelight with shows like Will & Grace wherein every aspect of homosexuality was made funny and even acceptable to maw and paw America. Not long after the homosexual nightclubs started to pop up in every city and now we literally have legalized homosexual marriage in the United States of America.

Hollywood has sanctified every sinful act known to man so as to create a society that makes such decadence appear normal just as prophecy predicted would be the mindset of most in the very last days. This is why we now see them promoting movies and TV shows normalizing pedophilia, bestiality and polygamy lately. Want to see how crafty they are when it comes to such things? Take bestiality for example. Disney has a very popular movie titled the Beauty and the Beast and parents all over the world have it in their DVD stack for their children to watch as if it's perfectly ok.

And yes even the sports have caused all sorts of violence to be normalized against your neighbors. Kids in every city and small town get hurt and even killed at school because their classmates go a little overboard in their zeal to win a game their own school promotes financially. We even have legalized gambling now thanks to Hollywood working hand in hand with the Vatican, who first "legalized" gambling in their Law Vegas night casino gatherings on church property. And yes, most saw that as no big deal because, someone in "authority" said it was ok.

And now we see them promoting a reality TV show making ISIS appear funny? What's next? Pay per view TV of live executions? Oh wait.. they already started "stealthily" promoting that 2 years ago.

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