Catholic priest accused of orgies in rectory, pimping 15 women

"Italian 48-year-old allegedly hid pornographic home videos in covers bearing the names of popes. An Italian priest is being investigated for allegedly organising orgies in his rectory and pimping out up to 15 lovers. Catholic Father Andrea Contin, a parish priest in the northern city of Padua in Veneto, is under police investigation on suspicion of living off immoral earnings and psychological violence. A variety of sex toys and videos, purportedly showing orgies taking place on the San Lazzaro church premises, have been seized after complaints from three female parishioners." –Source

As much as I hate sharing articles like this I need to do so as this is something I have been seeing ever since I was a young boy. No, I was never molested by a priest but I do know some that were in my neighborhood. And later when I left the Catholic church, one of the first things I did after looking into the prophecies pointing out the man of sin that led me to more studies that showed where Antichrist resided, I came across many Pagan rituals, idols, relics, dogma and even sexual deviancies. It was bad enough most everyone I tried to warn thought the prophecies I found in the Bible that matched historic records that exposed the Popes of Rome, but for them to purposely look the other way on such things shocked me because it was in their own Bibles and confirmed in their own church history. But I was literally floored when they ignored all that I showed them regarding how their priests were mostly homosexual and most already  gravitated downward into child molestation. Many of these people had children and I thought, ok, if you want to grease the pole you're on that's foundation is in Hell so as to have a surefire shot to Hades, that's your decision. But how can you place your children in such danger simply because you're too fearful of rocking the rudderless boat you floating in?

So.. why share all that regarding this priest running a brothel?

Sexual perversion in Roman Catholicism is the norm across the board. The fact this so called "ordained" priest so no issue with running that brother or even having up to 15 prostitutes shows a lot more about the Vatican than most people realize. You don't go that deep into the lusts of the flesh without having some sense of acceptance from those in power above and around you. And here's the kicker. Ever notice this? Look at the billionaires of today. The overwhelming majority of them are bone evil. You don't get that kind of money without making agreements with Satan. Some do it outright like Bob Dylan admitted to on camera, and some just do it out of sheer spiritual ignorance. And some have the decision thrust upon them after being "discovered" and suddenly drenched in fame and wealth. These newcomers on the age old scene of decadence must all declare allegiance with Satan or be left behind with their fame diminished. You can easily see this in the music industry wherein after sudden fame and wealth starts rolling in, they are "approached" by the elite in their industry and threatened with the fear of becoming a "one hit wonder" unless declare allegiance to Satan. In so doing their fame and wealth is assured. Every one of them from the Beatles to Justin Beiber know exactly what I mean here. And so when you make a deal with the devil he gives you all the riches you require to keep the sin flourishing. This is why we see all those demonic logos on large corporations and churches. And this includes the SDA church.

Now look at how much power is illustrated by the money is spent in the Vatican Cathedrals and even most smaller churches. Many claim the people of those churches pay the bills, and in some cases they do to a certain extent. But I was Catholic 29 years before leaving Babylon and I was privy to the collection basket as an usher and I know for a fact Catholics do not give anywhere near 10% of their income. Where does all that money come from that drenches their altars, walls, ceilings, statues and floors with gold, silver, marble and jewels? It comes from obeying the dying god of this world and doing exactly as he commands. This is the main reason why we see these sex scandals in the Catholic church occur so often and never do we see that church shut down. Yet much smaller churches that preach real truths are shut down quite often.

And another thing. Look into just one of the so called Vatican Holidays to see how much the demonic Pagan sexual deviancy has become sanctified within her walls. Just looking into what all the sexual symbolism in Easter alone should show you why these priests see no problem doing such things. Even the ancient "Easter Week" wherein sexual games are legal en masse is now practiced every year by Roman Catholic teens and their lured in "friends" during "Easter Break." MTV even went so far as to televise the "games" years ago when I still had a TV in the house.

The molesters, rapist, and perverts in the Vatican know they will be protected because they know their superiors are into the same exact sexual deviancy they are. And so it's as I've said for decades now and everyone knows it. Catholic priests do not join the priesthood and then later become molesters and deviants out of exposure of same. They become priests in the church because they already are child molesters and deviants. They know there is a brotherhood in Rome and they know for a historic fact they will be protected. And that is why this priest figured he could literally get away with running a brothel in a church Rectory.

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