Staten Island family torn over 13-year-old’s suicide; says he was bullied in school

"In just two weeks, Daniel Fitzpatrick would have been celebrating his 14th birthday. He was set to begin a new school in the fall, and was enjoying a new football team." –Source

In the video the Roman Catholic School representative for that Diocese lied on camera so as to save the Schools reputation. How do I know she lied? The suicide note left by the small boy who was bullied clearly says the teachers refused to help him. (See the letter and more info here) What the church of Rome fails to realize is, there are millions of people that have been eyewitnesses to the terror one can find in a Roman Catholic school and how the nuns and teachers do absolutely nothing about it. I know this for a fact as I too was terrorized in the Roman schools when I was a little boy. My first four years of school life was in a Parochial school in a Chicago suburb and all but one of the nuns there were the worst. So bad in fact that it wasn't until I reached my early teens that the frequent nightmares about those nuns finally ended.

The Roman Catholic church is evil. We know this by their awful fruits. They are home to Antichrist! In fact, every forefather of every major denomination including two Popes declared in writing that the Vatican is the home of Antichrist! And even if no one in the media want to admit it, you cannot hide the prophesied fact that the homosexual priests of Rome confirm they are the largest known organized group of child rapists known to man throughout history and yet they are still allowed to terrorize, rape and even kill these children on a daily basis all over this world. But praise the living God of all creation .. not for much longer! Maranatha!

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