VIDEO: Secularism in France

"A Catholic priest was killed in France during morning mass just weeks ago, by teenagers who pledged allegiance to Daesh, shaking a nation already reeling from previous attacks this year. A show of unity spread across the country, with religious ceremonies and interfaith events taking center stage. They were sights rarely seen out in the open in the country that holds secularism sacred. It's led to a re-emergence of the debate around the nation's distinct version of secularism, as Natalie Poyhonen explains." –Source

They can call it Secularism, Catholicism, Universalism, or even the long expected Socialism all they want. What will happen is what is prophesied and that is the Vatican's New World Order or one world government as students of prophecy have been calling it for well over a century. All the man-made turmoil in the economy, terrorism and everyday life in France or any other nation in Europe for that matter is nothing more than stepping stones towards the Vatican's prophesied final act. But most can't see the big picture because they are more interested in the Hollywood moving pictures on their TV's, tablets and cellphones.

These so called News reports and community outreach gatherings with their fancy silk flags, costly high end banners, very expensive airtime and house to house campaigning and telemarketing is the same as Nazi wartime propaganda of old which is just as interested in the hell-bent agenda of Rome as it was in Roman Catholic Emperor Adolph Hitler's day. Only now, after decades of testing what works best, it's well hidden from a society bathed in social distractions. This strong delusion with its prophesied allowance is readying the masses into accepting the man of sin's idea of a peaceful coexistence. In plain and simple words, it's all a smoke screen designed to make the well indoctrinated sheeple trust their political leaders to make all their problems go away. Little do the frightened sheeple know that those problems are actually brought on by the very same leaders who have been performing the false flag attacks that are designed to cultivate the mindset of trust in the fearful masses who then cry out to the political leaders for peace.

Bottom line is this; how else can a very small number of elected leaders control billions of people? The fear card must always come into play so as to prevent a civil war, revolution or even a military coup. Case in point.. how many Nazi soldiers does it take to corral and kill millions of Christians and Jews? Not very many. This is why the Nazi's always killed the most vocal people first. They knew if the people were to organize under a leader they could rush the Nazis in the camp an take it over with very few casualties. The fear card was very well orchestrated by the bloodthirsty Roman Catholic Nazi's with the submachine guns. The remedy for the fearful crowds was to obey the soldiers word for word to stay alive. Same will apply today with only a slight change in the garb and the weapons used. Both of which will be far more difficult to detect thanks to the last few decades of demographic research by those political leaders crazed on by Beelzebub.

In any event, Christian prophecy does declare the need for a global return to a church & state rule under a Socialist format when the mark is enforced. Truth is, the last few decades have shown that United States Presidents from both parties have ruled as Dictators already and if you look even closer you will see signs of an Oligarchy in American politics, especially when you look at the Bush family starting with Prescott Bush who was a friend and financier to Adolph Hitler.

And so, after a few years of false flag attacks brought on by those loyal to Rome's modern day brown shirts the people in France as well as everyone else for that matter have had enough. So many loved ones have died, so many store shelves have emptied and so many jobs have been lost that the well indoctrinated people will do anything their Vatican owned and operated leaders tell them to do. And so like that Rabbi I saw on TV when I was a much younger man who said he would follow the Antichrist himself to rule in Israel if he offered them real peace, the corralled sheep the world over are echoing that very same mindset today and it only took a few decades of well-orchestrated bloodshed to do it!

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