Christians Losing Lawsuits Starting To Stack Up

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"Are Christian morals and practices 'endangered species' well on their way to becoming legally extinct? The numbers of Christian organizations losing lawsuits defending their spiritual beliefs and standards are fast stacking up.  Bible believers are increasingly finding themselves under siege – discriminated against in courts throughout North America. UnBiblical laws – particularly those favoring LGBTQs (lesbians, bisexuals, gays, transgenders, and queers) – are the ones seemingly causing the most damage to the uncompromised practice of the Christian faith and are institutionalizing the persecution of Christians." –Source

Students of prophecy have seen this coming for decades. I recall back when certain laws were passed in Canada making the use of the Bible a hate crime that it would eventually make its way to America. Truth is, the Bible was already being declared a means by which hate crimes could be committed in Chicago three years earlier, so it was an easy prophetic event to see headed our way. The article back then stated, "A group of religious leaders in Chicago has gone further, recently urging Southern Baptists to cancel plans to send missionaries into their city this coming summer because seeking to convert others "could contribute to a climate conducive to hate crimes." (click here for more)

And as we can see today in America, if you declare homosexuality to be sin and you own a lucrative business you can expect to be harassed and eventually drummed out of business for simply echoing that which is written in Genesis 19:1-11, Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, 1Kings 14:24; 15:12, 2Kings 23:7, Romans 1:18-32, 1Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-10 or Jude 7.

Yes, on the surface it may appear that things have calmed down somewhat lately, but only in the media. The courtrooms are still buzzing with cases against Christianity. They need to keep the lawsuits failing so as to build a legal foundation they can argue from that will literally make it legal to kill Christians in the coming days. If you are one to watch all this you will notice that with each new crop of failed lawsuits more and more laws are being passed that will cripple any rights the Christians have left.

But first they have other work to do so as to assure other plans are set in stone that will help Rome enforce her mark. That work is to get the sheeple to shift their focus onto the government fabricated racial division of the nation so as to fan the flames of even more hatred among the people. Compile that with media and the president himself generating hatred towards the police force who are ordained by God (see Romans 13:1-7) to protect the citizens and it will get even crazier. The kind of hate Obama is now pushing will lead to more dead cops and then the declaration of a 'need' to form a federalized police force which anyone with two brain cells can tell you will naturally lead to martial law. Watch the black lives matter movement. I have no doubt it will be used by Rome to generate a need for the government to step in and 'save the day.'

Most already know Obama hates a local police force but loves a federalized one. If he has his way, martial law will come to fruition and all elections will be suspended and Obama or whoever is standing in the Oval office at that time can remain in power under the new title of Dictator or as prophecy predicts, a modern day Herod of the Pope. The Vatican Socialist agenda is not a right wing conspiracy theory designed to make the New World Order plans of the Pope appear scary or worth protesting against. It's a prophesied fact. It will happen!

But as this article confirms, the attack on Christians has never stopped regardless of what's happening now in the mainSCREAM media. The media firestorm painting Christianity in the most hateful light has done its job. And so they move on to the next square on the chessboard. This is actually why Christians keep losing in the courtrooms. Yes, the judges were already against the Christians for the most part from day one. But now that the media has made the majority in this nation look at Christ as an unloving God, not much pushback is expected from any large organizations and so the obvious next move is to push ahead quickly before any real opposition can be formed against them.

No matter.. it's all been expected and it's no different than Goliath spouting his idiocy before David. When the latter rain finally falls, the powers that be will have absolutely no hope in stopping the truth from going forward. Truth is, they have no hope of stopping it even now. But when it starts raining, it will be boldly apparent where Satan's standing and then even the scoffer will be aware and our job of bringing in the sheaves will be that much easier. (Psalm 126:6) No getting around that basic reality. Prophecy will be fulfilled!

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