Security Software calls poGm a Terrorist!

I just received this letter today from a sister in Christ…

Just a note to let you know……..I recently purchased HP laptop w/Norton Utility installed. I also use Firefox web browser… I’m on the web researching various topics and come across your site and when I try to access a program called SECURE SPOT blocks your site and calls it an extremist, terrorist, etc. – thought you would like to know that Secure Spot is blocking your site and calling you a terrorist.

-Janet P.

I contacted the lawyers that are suing the Vatican for war crimes, and this is what they told me…

Yes, I have another client who was blocked by a similar service 8e6 – Interestingly these are the same folks that run the Great Internet Wall of China. Anyone with this sort of filtering software should uninstall it.

-Dr. Jonathan Levy

China as we know, blocks all non-Catholic religious sites from gaining access to their citizens PC’s. This is proof enough in my eyes that Rome is involved in blocking the Present Truth message about the Antichrist in the Vatican via D-Link routers, computer peripherals, or ISP’s with “Secure Spot” installed on them for their customers. Truth is, the Vatican did announce back in May of 2007 if anyone speaks out against them and their proven homosexual prelates they could be considered terrorists. Is it a coincidence that Presents of God ministry is now tagged as such by the same software company that helps China weed out all anti-Catholic websites?

I also emailed Janet back and asked her if someone else had access to her computer to turn on the block. She assured me no one else has that access. This means either her new PC had the blocking software turned on in the store, her D-Link Router has the software on by default, or her ISP turned it on for their customers, which is in fact an illegal act. If this turns out to be the case, all of us Christians with websites out there are about to be tagged as extremists and or terrorists. But then, prophecy did say it was going to get ugly.

One thing history has taught us is, when the Vatican accuses someone else of an evil act, it’s because they themselves are the ones doing it. They have been exposed historically of using this method of finger pointing to pull the onus off of them on a regular basis. They use it because it works. Well, at least up until now that is. Praise the Lord that after thousands of years of prophetic utterances regarding Satan’s methods, and 1471 years of documented Vatican history proving Rome is in bed with Satan, we now have Christians walking this earth with far more knowledge than Rome ever imagined possible. They know now there are far too many of us, and we are far too scattered by our Lord to contend with as a group. So they are only left with trying to censor the Truth we share just as they did back in the Council of Valencia in 1229AD when they burned all the Bibles that proved, the popes are indeed the prophecied ANTICHRIST! In fact, they have even documented their hatred of the Christian Bible for all to see! With that said… Come Lord Jesus!

Posted August 20, 2009 by Nicholas in poGm Gloss

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