35000 more molested by Catholic priests!

This is getting to be insane already. What amazes me about this is, there is so much overwhelming evidence that Roman Catholic priests are possessed by perverted demons that love to molest little boys, yet the Catholic people refuse to leave the church. One major reason they stay in has to be the fact that they haven’t read in the Scriptures that this is against God’s will, nor have they ever studied prophecy wherein it defines their priests right down to their perverted desires. Some may ask, why haven’t they read this in Scripture? Because the Roman Catholic church leaders refuse to teach it in their private schools, nor do they preach it from their pulpits or cover such facts in the tens of thousands of books they author. History proves they have always had an intense hatred for the Word of God because it exposes them with childlike ease. Truth is, their hatred is so intense that they made it illegal to own a Bible back in 1229AD. Such was the law that if you had a Bible you would be killed for it if you didn’t surrender it to authorities.

“The decree set forth in the year 1229 A.D. by the Council of Valencia… places Bible on The Index of Forbidden Books. The doctrine withholds “it is forbidden for laymen (common man) to read the Old and New Testaments. – We forbid them most severely to have the above books in the popular vernacular.” “The lords of the districts shall carefully seek out the heretics in dwellings, hovels, and forests, and even their underground retreats shall be entirely wiped out. Council Tolosanum, Pope Gregory IX, Anno. Chr. 1229

The church Council of Tarragona ruled that: “No one may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language, and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local bishop within eight days after the promulgation of this decree, so they may be burned.” D. Lortsch, Histoire de la Bible en France, 1910, p.14.

“Socialism, Communism, clandestine societies, Bible societies… pests of this sort must be destroyed by all means.The encyclical Quanta Cura Issued by Pope Pius IX, December 6, 1866

This campaign to remove the Word of God from the hands of their flock is why Catholics have no clue today that it is prophecied the Roman Catholic priests would be homosexuals. When speaking of the men running the organization known as the Anitchirst in prophecy and the Vatican in today’s world, Daniel the prophet said plainly…

  • Daniel 11:37, “Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.”

So many centuries of perfecting their lies to keep the people out of the Word of God has proven effective. Most Catholics I knew in my past life as a Catholic, as well as many I come across in my campaign to expose the Antichrist today have admitted they have either known a homosexual priest, been molested by one, or known one that was raped by a priest. The stats on how many children affected by these priests is downright scary!

It is a globally known fact that the Roman Catholic Church has to largest known organized group of homosexual men on earth. It is also well known now that Roman Catholic priests are dying of AIDS 11 times greater than any other group! That fact alone proves the AIDS crisis is a direct result of the Roman Catholic priesthood. Even the Vatican is aware of this fact. So much so that they have openly threatened anyone that lets this truth out. They have declared in writing if you alert people that AIDS actually started in the priesthood, you would be considered a terrorist!

Pontifical Health-Care Council Official Chides Critics

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 5, 2000 (ZENIT.org).- To accuse the Church of spreading AIDS because it points out the moral questions entailed in the use of the condom is an act of “psychological terrorism,” a Vatican aide on pastoral care says. Just days after the conclusion of a Vatican summit of world experts on AIDS, Father Felice Ruffini, undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers, replied to criticisms that often follow Church pronouncements on this issue. In statements today to the religious communities’ agency VID, Father Ruffini said it is a “real act of psychological terrorism to present the position of the Church against the prophylactic as one, if not the principal, cause of the spread of AIDS. In any case, if the virus spreads, the fault lies with man, who does not want to engage in self-criticism of his behavior.” He quoted French scientist Luc Montagner, one of the discoverers of the HIV virus, who “said clearly at the international conference on AIDS, organized a few years ago … in the Vatican, that to combat AIDS effectively, what was necessary was healthy behavior in the area of sex.” “For Catholic doctrine, chastity in keeping with each person’s state is the safest means of prevention,” Father Ruffini said. “Whoever rejects this position cannot then level this kind of accusation against the Church.”  Referring to the AIDS epidemic in Africa, Father Ruffini believes that to “propose the use of the condom is a contradiction, especially if we keep in mind environmental situations characterized by high temperatures.” In addition, “we must say once and for all that the Church has always been first in line in the field of prevention and care, and very often is the only structure that helps patients, who are abandoned to themselves even by their own families,” Father Ruffini continued. “According to what I have been able to verify in Burkina Faso, where the Camillians work,” the religious family to which Father Ruffini belongs, “and from what I know of other African realities, we are facing dramatic situations. Our parish priests have become fathers to hundreds of children, who lost their families after their parents died of AIDS. Whole families disappear.” He added: “The Church proposes the law of Christ, which goes by the narrow way, because it costs to follow Jesus.” –SOURCE

If you do very little research you will find that the best way to track a pandemic, or epidemic’s origin you merely back track it’s progress until you find where it’s most concentrated. When you find it concentrated in one area you will know it started there. This is how the found Typhoid Mary in her day. With 11 times the national average of deaths from AIDS being that of Roman Catholic priests, no one needs to proclaim the truth on this. The facts shout out loud enough on their own.

One shocking fact about this also surfaces. When Rome started to realize they were the source of AIDS, they did all they can to cover-up the “cause of death” for many of their priests. It’s that bad! Problem is, they get caught doing this time and again…

CNN ~ January 31, 2000

(AP) -Roman Catholic priests in the United States are dying from AIDS-related illnesses at a rate four times higher than the general population and the cause is often concealed on their death certificates, The Kansas City Star reported in a series of stories that started Sunday.

With that said, I must ask all Catholics reading this post. Do you feel safe leaving your priest alone with your sons? Especially when the odds are in favor of him being a homosexual? Worse yet, if you’re not concerned about your son’s spiritual well being, do you feel safe about their physical well being? Not to mention the psychological damage done by child rapists, as you just learned, most of the Catholic priests are within the highest risk factor for a group when it comes to the AIDS virus. In short… your child may get AIDS from your priest! Do you still want to stay a Catholic? Especially when you hear the courts are now under the Vatican thumb to protect their priests from prosecution? Imagine that! Your child gets raped by your priest, he gets AIDS, and there is nothing you can do to assure justice. Well.. at least not on this side of Eternity.

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