Vatican, Obama, and Islam

When you realize the facts regarding the explosive growth of the Islamic nation worldwide, you begin to see why the Pope is meeting with Muslims, and America has a possible closet Muslim as president, or at the very least a pro-Islam one in the White House. Yes he does claim to be Christian, but he snubs prayer day meetings like no other president, and there are pictures of him wearing Muslim garb making it appear plausible the man is a Muslim. Worse yet, we now have word his grandmother in Kenya was forced against her will to relinquish being baptized into a Sabbath keeping religion. To place a cherry on this truly decadent cake, the very State he “claims” to be born in has not only created an “Islam day” in Hawaii, they placed this day on the very date September 11 no less. Kinda makes one wonder if this is why Obama is now pushing for “significantly improved” rights for terrorists held at Gitmo be carried out. I agree that yes, all peoples, terrorist or not, should be given proper rights and protection. But only a pro-Islam leader in the Whitehouse would think to do this. Or at least this has been the case the last decade or so in D.C..

It just seems a bit odd that all these “changes” being brought about lately are benefiting Islam. Prophetically speaking, I do see some red flags here!

Knowing as we do that Rome controls the American politicians, it has become quite clear a definite pro-Islam agenda is being cultivated in the very country they claim was attacked by Islam. Seem fishy?

Just thinking out-loud for a moment. When you look at how the Vatican is bowing to Islam by declaring it holy in the global media, and then the pope visits ‘holy’ sites of Muslims, it makes it appear obvious Rome has plans for this rapidly growing culture. Especially when he shows ‘respect’ for the Islamic religion knowing full well all other nations will follow suit. How does he know this? Common sense. Rome is the birthplace of politics. All politicians know if they want to have any sort of a career they will have to bow to the pope’s demands. Some go so far as to perform an act of worship on the pope in front of cameras to show blind faith and loyalty in him. They do this on camera so that all the other leaders yet to bow will see it as a good thing. Then whatever the pope wants they must give no matter how strange it may appear. Case in point, in the Philippines you have a demographic were 90% of the people claim to be Christians, and 81% of those Christians are practicing Catholics. Yet their president has declared the Muslim holy day of Ramadan a national holiday! This proves the Vatican is doing favors as well as demanding of same so as to gain assistance in their prophecied agenda! Why else would a non-Muslim nation, that is 90% Christians with 81% being Catholic declare Ramadan as a national holiday? I can just see all the priests months before the announcement creating sermons that were pro-Islam in nature so that when the announcement came down the people would be less offended. Truth is, this is how they work. I recall as a Catholic in my youth many political agendas were cultivated and locked in by the local priests readying the people in each church. I used to church hop when I finally got my drivers license because the Mass was so boring. I felt new faces would perk it up. It was then I realized the priests were working together no matter how far apart the churches were. For those Catholics reading this, try it! Got to Mass a few times each week in different locations and you will be able to see how the sermons all echo the same sentiments! Kinda spooky if ya ask me.

When you get time, check out this video regarding Muslim Demographics and you will see why the Pope is clamoring to Islamic leaders, who by the way owe their religious origins to the Pope himself. That’s right, Rome invented Islam to help them violently rid the world of Sabbath keeping Christians and Jews eons ago. Of course it backfired and the end result were the bloody crusades most history books like to omit. When you view the video you will also understand why the Vatican forced American politicians to place a Muslim in the office of president. Roman Catholic VP Joseph Biden is merely a Vatican guard making sure Obama doesn’t foul things up for Rome. His carrot is to have fame and fortune as long as he follows a “word for word” agenda for the prophecied beast in Rome. (No, I am not pro-Limbaugh!) This is why Obama does so many about face changes. He tries to do one thing, but when the Vatican doesn’t approve, Biden flexes his Vatican muscles and he has to recant.

I was asked, do I see the rapid growth of Muslims as a prophetic red flag? I must say I do, when I understand the Islamic religion was originally started by the Vatican, you understand that yes, they will play a part in end time prophecy. Rome has always used others to do their blood curdling dirty work. They always used those that were bloodthirsty, especially if they were able to bypass laws and get away with insane murderous acts. For example, in the prophecied rampage of Rome, they mostly used the civil powers directly and even indirectly via the church itself to kill hundreds of millions of Christians. This is why Christians are becoming less and less protected and it has become more and more acceptable to ridicule them in public office. In World War 2 they used Roman Catholic Dictator Adolph Hitler. When we look around today, who is in the News constantly as being bloodthirsty in their tactics? Who is it that’s cutting off heads of people on video, blowing themselves up in suicide bombings, and raiding churches in a hail of gunfire? Islam! So, yes, in the coming days, they will use Islam to rid the World of those that oppose them. This is why the Pope is meeting when them NOW.

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